IDEA 2012-2013

Past Programs: Youth

2012 – 2013 Susan Wagner High School  IDEA Program


idea program

Suzanne Guthrie

The IDEA program allows youth to develop and lead their own community focused projects.  As the lead educator, my role is to support and guide them as they decide on what is important in their community and what projects they feel passionate about creating and implementing.

This year’s students have roots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone, Algeria and Ireland. Throughout the year, they’ll have first-hand experiences with peers from a variety of cultures, faith and traditions as they build strong leadership and critical thinking skills.

The following descriptions of the projects were written by the teams and provide a quick overview of the work. Two of the projects are new. Originally started during the 2011-2012 school year, the Small Business Project is being continued by original team member, Alex.

If you are interested in having the IDEA program at your school or community center please feel free to contact me directly.


Animal Abuse Awareness Campaign

Student Team:  Adriana and  Maria

IDEA Team working to find ways of expanding awareness of animal abuse

Our goal is to raise awareness on animal abuse.  We feel it is important for our community because there are many animals that are being abused behind closed doors.  We want to help give a voice to these animals.  With more awareness we can help reduce the problem.  We plan on doing this by dedicating a whole month to animals and by encouraging Susan Wagner High School students to wear a picture of their pet(s) to school.  During this month there will be a special video presentation made by us to the students.

This project is very important to us as animal lovers.  We really love animals and are very devoted to this cause.


Domestic Violence Awareness and Empowerment Campaign

IDEA Team working to address domestic violence

Student Team: Lauren, Maggie, Nicole, Racha, Selena and Toni

Even though crime rates have decreased, domestic violence is still a major issue in the United States.   We feel it is important to support women and men who are victims of domestic violence.  We want to empower women and men to stand up for themselves and believe in themselves.  We plan on doing this by teaching self-defense and educating people on what domestic violence is and how to recognize it.



Supporting Small Business Campaign

IDEA Team assessing the importance of small businesses to the community

Student Team: Alex, Andrew, Clare, Kadiatu and Najah

The presence of small businesses in the world is extremely important.  Small business keeps the world rolling.  Recently big businesses have been taking over small businesses because they are able to lower process and hire more workers.  Our group feels that it is very important to support small business because they are being ignored by the government.  Small businesses do not receive the same benefits that big businesses receive; therefore it is very difficult for small businesses to stay alive.  Our group is trying to get opinions from local Staten Islanders on small businesses.  From there we are hoping to get in contact with local congressman or councilman to share what we have found out about how State Island feels about its small businesses.