Pictorial History

Pictorial History, 1960 to Present


Symbol Of Interfaith Unity, by artist Thetis Blacker

The Tree of Life bears twelve multi-colored fruit hanging from the branches. The leaves
of the tree are olive leaves and symbolize peace and hope. The branches spring from
the one stock, the trunk. Living sap moves through and up the boughs, as indicated by
the undulating serpentine central vein. Four roots of the tree grow from the four
directions of the world, while four rivers of vital water flow outward to all people of the
earth. The fruits of the tree represent different faiths, each linked in harmony. Each fruit
contains the seed of propagation and is surrounded by a circle of white radiance
indicating the sacred nature of faith, hallowed by the ineffable. Above the tree hovers a dove, holy symbol of peace and love. It roosts in the midst of the tree, bringing divine blessing upon all in unity.